The joint laboratory Proteinolab aims at developing new milk protein isolates to be used as functional ingredients in high protein content products for food and nutrition.

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Demand for high protein content products is increasing as they answer to specific needs for athletes (increasing muscles), overweighed people (satiating effect), seniors (sarcopenia, muscle wasting) and people suffering from denutrition (clinical effect).

Thanks to the knowledge that was developed in milk science and technologies, Ingredia is able to produce differentiate protein isolates. Their application shows that the modifications they are submitted to are related to their functional properties (i.e. texture, etc.).

In order to remain pioneer in the field of innovative proteins for nutrition, Ingredia intends to increase the molecular modification panel of the produced protein isolates and also to deepen knowledge and control of the functional properties related to this panel.


Elaborating new protein isolates requires the characterization of usual protein isolates and especially the identification of the molecular structures related to the functional properties. Unfortunately, until now, attention has scarcely been paid to protein isolates structures and properties.

The collaboration created through Proteinolab aims at moving towards a scientific approach to develop protein isolates with controlled functional properties impacting protein solutions behavior.

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