Project engineers

  • UMET : Emilie Dieudé-Fauvel (2018-2019), Lucile Humblot (2019-2020), Simon Khelissa (2020-2021)
  • Ingredia : Antoine Derensy (2017-2018), Sarah Nasser (2018-2020), Manon Hiolle (2020-2021)

PhD students

  • Marcio H. NOGUEIRA: Cifre Thesis (Ingredia), started on 04/03/2017 and defended on 26/06/2020
    Title: Relation between structure and viscosity in demineralized casein Micelles
    Doctoral School: ED 104 SMRE (Sciences de la Matière, du Rayonnement et de l’Environnement) - UMET-PIHM UMR 8207
    Thesis Supervisor: Guillaume Delaplace, 30% (UMET-MMT)
    Co-director: Prof. Romdhane Karoui 10% (ICV-site artois)
    Supervisor: P. Peixoto 60%, CRCN (UMET-PIHM / non HDR)
  • Angella VELASQUEZ: Cifre Thesis (Ingredia), started on 05/02/2020
    Title: Behavior of milk proteins in an acidic environment: from the process to the formulation of acidic drinks
    Doctoral School: ED 104 SMRE (Sciences de la Matière, du Rayonnement et de l’Environnement) - UMET-PIHM UMR 8207
    Thesis Supervisors: P. Peixoto 70%, and Guillaume Delaplace 30%

Post-doctoral researchers

  • Raghvendra SINGH, June 2019-June 2021
    Title: Multi-Scale Modeling Milk Casein protein and Casein Micelles
    Superviseurs : 40%. F. Affouard- UMET / MMT, 30% S. Barbe- LISBP Toulouse, 10% P. Peixoto, 10% G. Delaplace, 10% S. Nasser-Ingredia
  • Marwan Abdallah, Nov. 2019-Nov. 2021
    Title: UHT treatment of protein-enriched drinks: thermal stability and fouling. Supervisors (G. Delaplace 70%, 30% S. Nasser Ingredia)


Masters intern

  • Mai Manga Ka Kinna - June/November 2017. Behavior in the rehydration of 2 powders based on casein micelles (native or modified by demineralization), Master 2 in Catalysis and Processes research, Lille
    Supervision: P. Peixoto (100%)
  • Lucile Humblot - April/September 2019. Impact of the molecular structure of caseins on their properties in concentrated solution: particle size and rheological characteristics, Master 2 in Food, Nutrition and Cosmetics research, Nancy
    Supervision: E. Dieude-Fauvel (70%), Guillaume Delaplace (20%) , S. Nasser (10%)
  • Pierrick Hoberg - April/September 2019. Study of the behavior of casein in an acidic environment, Master Design and industrialization of food products - Adrianor. Supervision: S. Nasser (100%)
  • Darcha Florian - August 2020/February 2021. Impact of the Modification of Minerals and the Molecular Structure of Caseins on their Functional Properties during Heat Treatment: Physical, chemical and rheological characteristics, Master in Economics of Energy, Environmental and Digital Transition, ENSAIA Nancy
    Supervision: S. Nasser (70%), C. Lesur (30%)
  • Lodie Amigues - March/August 2021. Relationship between the thermal stability of casein dispersions and the mineral environment, Masters in Materials and Formulation, ESCOM Compiègne.
    Supervision: M. Abdallah (70%), M. Hiolle (30%)

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